We all enter the new year with the best of intentions, but by the time February rolls around, many of our carefully planned health and wellness resolutions have been forgotten.

If (like basically everyone), your NYE promises to yourself didn’t make it past January 17, here are a few ways to get back on track during your stay at the Anndore.


Are you beating yourself up because your Dry January or Veganuary willpower evaporated midmonth at the sight of a striploin and a glass of merlot? Don’t despair. While it’s great to set big goals, simply practicing moderation can make a big difference in your overall health. For example, choosing a plant-based restaurant for your next night out means taking a small but important step towards better health (and a smaller carbon footprint) — it may even inspire your meat-loving friends to make a change. Nearby, Yorkville’s Planta offers up a menu that is no less than inspiring (their plant-based burger catering could also make you the office hero at your next corporate event). You can also jump partway on the wagon during your night out by alternating non-alcoholic cocktails with your regular drinks, or just saying no to that unnecessary last-call round of tequila shots. Chances are you’ll have just as much fun, and you’ll definitely be happier with your choices when you wake up the next morning.


If your fitness goals fizzle come February, it’s easy to find inspiration to get moving again. For quick but intense training, F45 Yorkville offers a mix of circuit and HIIT-style workouts throughout the day that will get your blood pumping — and release those feel-good endorphins. If, for you, workout = Cross Fit, Crossfit YKV at the corner of Davenport and Avenue Road offers hourly classes from 5:30pm-8:00pm (you can also work with an onsite personal trainer if you prefer). For something a little more upscale, try a class at Equinox — choose from Pilates, dance-inspired cardio, cycling and more. Plus, if you need a little more “me-time” when you’re finished your workout, you can head to the spa for facials, massage and body treatments like scrubs, wraps and waxing.


If a digital detox is on your 2020 agenda, take advantage of the nearby ways you’ll find to expand your mind in different ways. Yorkville is home to world-class museums including the ROM, the Bata Shoe Museum and the Gardiner Museum as well as dozens of private galleries. If you really want to commit to your goals, leave your phone at the hotel and spend an afternoon soaking up some culture, distraction-free.

If you’re still struggling to keep up with your objectives, it’s worth doing some reading. There is an extensive body of research on goal-setting that can not only help you stay on track but also provide guidance for when you mess up. Among the top tips are making your resolutions specific and attainable; allowing yourself to fail (but then getting yourself back on track as quickly as possible); and creating an environment that supports your goals.

With these pointers in mind, you’re already on your way to becoming your best self in 2020!

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