Celebrating the diverse, stimulating and primal cuisine of distinct regions of the Mediterranean, Constantine aims to cultivate an intimate and inviting atmosphere that will be a gathering place for local residents and guests of The Anndore House, as well as a destination spot for anyone looking for a generous dining experience full of the familiar and exotic.

Scarlet door

Nestled squarely between Constantine and The Crows Nest Barbershop, Scarlet Door serves the local morning, noon and afternoon walk-in crowd.

The café name pays homage to the area’s charmingly checkered past and acts as a beacon for those searching for an entryway into a unique coffee and pastry counter.

An approachable but rebellious aesthetic, represented by a blindfolded, Fender-wielding courtesan, and supported by distressed type, references the seminal punk and new wave scenes that defined the area in the 1970s and 80s.

A great place to start the day for guests at The Anndore House, Scarlet Door is the casual counterpart to the more established space of Constantine.

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