Vegas. Manhattan. Amsterdam. Toronto? One hundred percent!

If you’re looking to plan an ultimate guys weekend away, Toronto can be your go-to (or in this case, your come-to). Your options for testosterone-tinged silliness are plentiful, but here’s how we’d play it. 

Friday Night

When you arrive at the Anndore, you’ll be in the heart of midtown, which works out well because you’re at the intersection of our two main subway lines. That means you can basically go anywhere you want for a “Welcome to Toronto Steak Dinner.” Our choice would be Barberians, one of Canada’s most famous restaurants. It’s played host to athletes, dignitaries, actors, heads of state and many a bachelor party. The wine list is impressive, the dining room feels like a high-end cigar bar and the steaks are perfect.

From there, catch a ride down to the Esplanade for some bar hopping. The strip is about 500 metres long, but it’s lined with watering holes of all kinds. We’re partial to the Bier Markt for the selection.

Saturday Morning

The morning after the night before calls for a greasy breakfast, and one of the best in town is a stone’s throw away from the Anndore at Flo’s Diner in Yorkville. It’s up on the third floor of its building, and there’s an elevator to take you there if you’re a bit too shaky in the knees to take the stairs.

Once you’re nice and full, take a walk along the Mink Mile for some high-end shopping. Be sure to check out Harry Rosen, Canada’s premier men’s clothier, and Roots, Canada’s unofficial brand and the first to deck out a Canadian Olympic team.

Saturday Afternoon

After all that walking and spending, you’ll want some lunch, and if you head west a bit on Bloor Street towards Bathurst Street, you’ll be in Sushi heaven. Try New Generation sushi, or “NewGen” as the locals call it.

Your afternoon plan is dependent on when you’re in town. If you’re here between April and October and the Blue Jays are playing, head down to the Rogers Centre and catch a baseball game. If the roof’s open, even better. Blue Jays baseball is unique in that there’s a definite scene at the ball park. The crowd is super into it, regardless of how good or bad the game is.

If there’s no game, make your own fun at the Rec Room next to the Rogers Centre. Challenge your buddies to video games over a beer or three.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a bit more competition and a bit more sweat, cab yourselves to Paintball City and get your shooting on. Even if you’re a small group, you’ll get paired with others.

Saturday Night

After a siesta and a few drinks, it’s off to College Street for you and your mates and a place called Bar Isabel that has the best menu in the city. And after dinner, you’re in another bar-hopping area of town.

Alternatively, if you’re here over the winter, there’ll most likely be a Toronto Maple Leafs game on Saturday night. You probably won’t get tickets to the arena, unless you came to town with a lot of money, but you can reserve a table at Real Sports next door to the game and enjoy a roaring crowd in front of a giant 78-storey screen (yes, that’s an exaggeration, but not much of one).

After the game, if you’re up for a serious throw-down party, make your way to Uniun for dancing and, well, whatever.

Sunday Morning

Wake up late and head downstairs for brunch at Constantine. Our in-house restaurant is a perfect way to end your stay in town. Classy, elegant and easy.

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