The Anndore House has a premium array of amenities from both Ontarian and Canadian producers to enhance your stay.

The Anndore House is delighted to be able to offer a premium selection of amenities, curated from some of the finest local producers.

Our current selection includes:

  • Cookies in jars & mini-containers of jams from Provisions Food Company, locally made in Niagara, ON
  • Sparkling teas in cans from Number E Teas, from the shores of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County
  • Gummies, M&Ms and cashews nuts in jars from EagleStar Amenities, operating in Oakville, ON
  • Body wash, shampoo, lotion, and hand soap from Skoah, out of Vancouver, BC
  • Popcorn and chips from From Farm to Table, made in Cambridge, ON
  • Hearty Tamari, Wholesome Yogi, Sriracha Cashews, and other snacks in small bags from Laid Back Snacksfrom British Columbia
  • Chocolate Bonbons from Succulent Chocolates, out of Woodbridge, ON
  • Premium water from Earth Water, in unique and 100% recyclable aluminum cans, produced in Edmonton, AB
  • Chocolate bars of 70% cacao from Hummingbird Chocolatesfrom Almont, ON
  • Salts and bath bombs for the retail space from Bathoriummade in Ottawa, ON
  • Red and white wine in the mini-bars from Stratus, a stunning 55-acre vineyard in Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON
  • Eska Natural Spring Water, from a Canadian esker located in Québec

Experience local luxury with amenities at the Anndore House!

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