Downtown Toronto has some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the country!

Updated Spring 2024

Here at Anndore House, our in-house restaurant Constantine has some fantastic plant-based options – but downtown Toronto is filled with tonnes of strictly vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes that will satisfy every craving! Here are some of our absolute favourites:

Rosalinda Restaurant

Step into Rosalinda restaurant – a vibrant, plant-based oasis nestled in the heart of Downtown Toronto, just a few blocks from Anndore House. Once inside, you’re greeted by a warm, bright atmosphere, and the tantalizing aromas of freshly prepared vegan Mexican cuisine!

Photo credit: @rosalindarestaurant on Instagram

Photo credit: @rosalindarestaurant on Instagram

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or a devoted meat eater, Rosalinda has something special to offer everyone, with dishes that showcase the vibrant colours and bold flavours of plant-based eats.

Must Try: The vegan tacos – often hailed as the best in the city!

Where: 133 Richmond Street W (about a 13-minute walk from Anndore House)


Planta perfectly captures the taste and texture of traditional non-vegan dishes in astoundingly creative ways, with an overall Asian-fusion theme. It’s the place to bring a meat-eater and say, “trust me, you won’t know the difference” (and they won’t!) – they are truly on a mission to redefine the culinary landscape by making plant-based dining accessible and enjoyable for all.

Photo credit: @planta on Instagram

Photo credit: @planta on Instagram

At Planta, dining is an unguilty pleasure, where every dish is a flavorful celebration of the power of plants. Planta is also committed to the environment; minimizing waste and utilizing local, seasonal produce where possible to limit transportation and reduce their overall footprint.

Whether you’re a dedicated vegan or simply curious about plant-based cuisine, Planta invites you to indulge in guilt-free dining that’s good for you and the planet.

Must Try: The crispy gyoza dumplings are life-changing!

Where: 180 Queen Street W (15-minute walk from Anndore House)

Fresh Kitchen + Juice Bar

This Toronto institution has been expanding over the nearly 25 years of its existence and now boasts seven well-chosen locations across Toronto and Ontario. Fulfilling a mission to prove that a plant-based diet can be satisfying, energizing and crave-able, Fresh makes food in-house, daily, from whole, natural ingredients, that are locally sourced whenever possible.

Photo credit: @freshrestaurants on Instagram

Photo credit: @freshrestaurants on Instagram

Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or simply curious about plant-based cuisine, our doors are open to everyone seeking delicious, wholesome meals that nourish the body and soul! The menu is completely vegan friendly though dairy options are available.

Must try: The quinoa onion rings and BBQ burger are to die for!

Where: 47 Front Street E (there are others, but this is the closest to Anndore House – about a 15-minute walk)

Eat Nabati

At Eat Nabati, the vibrant flavours of the Middle East meet the nourishing power of plants. As the name suggests, Nabati – an Arabic adjective meaning “plant-based” – is the essence of their culinary philosophy. Their food is a celebration of the rich culinary traditions of the Middle East, reimagined through a plant-based lens for all to enjoy.

Photo credit: @eatnabati on Instagram

Photo credit: @eatnabati on Instagram

From the pitas to the hearty bowls and delectable desserts, each dish at Eat Nabati is truly mouth-watering, surrounded by a bright and casual vibe. Whether you’re a seasoned plant-based eater or simply curious about the flavours of the Middle East, Eat Nabati welcomes you to savour the tastes of the region freshly and innovatively.

Must try: The Baba’s Shawarma Plate Combo is one of the best dishes for sampling a few offerings at a time!

Where: 160 Baldwin St. (about a 12-minute drive from Anndore House)

Tori’s Bakeshop

Since its opening in 2012, Tori’s Bakeshop has gained recognition for its delicious, plant-based pastries, bread, and other baked goods. The bakery is known for using high-quality, organic, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and their offerings include a variety of sweet and savoury treats, including cupcakes, cookies, bread, sandwiches, and more.

Photo credit: @torisbakeshop on Instagram

Photo credit: @torisbakeshop on Instagram

Tori’s Bakeshop is also committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, using compostable packaging and minimizing waste in their operations. They have become a popular destination for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone looking for delicious, wholesome baked goods in Toronto, opening more locations along the way!

Must try: They have rotating seasonal items that disappear quickly, so be sure to try one as they are always spectacular!

Where: 2188 Queen Street East (near Woodbine, about a 25-minute drive from Anndore House)

The Hogtown Vegan

Known for its vegan comfort food inspired by traditional Southern and Canadian cuisine, The Hogtown Vegan offers a diverse menu featuring plant-based versions of classic dishes such as poutine, burgers, macaroni and cheese, and fried “chicken.” The restaurant is beloved by vegans and non-vegans alike for its hearty and flavorful offerings.

Photo credit: @hogtownvegan on Instagram

Photo credit: @hogtownvegan on Instagram

Much like our other vegan restaurant recommendations, The Hogtown Vegan is also committed to using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create delicious and satisfying meals that are cruelty-free and environmentally conscious. With its cozy atmosphere and mouthwatering menu, The Hogtown Vegan has become a go-to destination for vegan comfort food in Toronto!

Must Try: The Un-Chicken Burger and the Chilli Cheese Fries!

Where: 382 College Street (about a 10-minute drive from Anndore House)



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