Looking for a gift your dad will love and never see coming?

Bring him over to the Anndore House for a high-end grooming at the Crows Nest Barbershop. For $120, you and your dad can get cuts, shaves and time to chat. And it’s hard to beat this barbershop as a place to shoot the breeze.

For generations, dudes have been meeting up at Toronto barbershops to solve the world’s problems. Perhaps the most famous of which was the Sugar Ray Robinson/Joe Louis/Cassius Clay debate of 1986. That’s the kind of environment the Crows Next founders were hoping to create when they opened their first location in 2011, in a Kensington Market basement. With chairs, mirrors and a bit of a rep, they eventually moved out of the cellar and into a place of their own. Then a second place. Then they expanded south to Hamilton, north to Collingwood, east to Ottawa and all the way west to Vancouver before coming back home and finding their newest spot here at the Anndore.

And that was a good call because it’s a great fit. The men who stay with us love having a place just for them, and they love how affordable it is ($30 for a cut, $40 for a shave and $60 for a combo), especially compared to Yorkville and Mink Mile prices.

A shave might be a unique Father’s Day gift but…

…no man can shave themselves as well as a pro can shave them. And it feels so good to lie back with the cool cream on your face and not have to worry about cutting yourself or deal with cleaning the sink (what’s with the one hair bit that just won’t go down the drain?).

So how do you prepare for this kind of gift?

Plan it now. Seriously. Tell your dad to plan to need a haircut on Father’s Day week. Tell him not to shave the morning of. And then decide what you’re going to do after. If you’re booked in for an evening cut and shave, make a dinner reso at Constantine, our in-house restaurant. If you’re coming during the day, spend the afternoon rediscovering Yonge Street. It’s gentrifying as we speak.

The Crows Nest at Anndore House is open from 11 am to 8 pm Sunday to Friday and 10 am to 7 pm on Saturday.

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