Feeling low after a few stressful meetings, or long days of business travel?

Looking for how to get your creative juices flowing again? Toronto’s health and wellness options will get you back to your best self in a heartbeat.

Soul 7

This Yorkville wellness spa uses cutting edge technology to help achieve mind-body balance. Using a light and sound frequencies, Soul 7 brings you to a deep meditative state as you relax in a custom meditation pod during your 45-minute session. The system is designed to calm anxiety and the central nervous system and help improve sleep. Audiovisual elements result in a deeply immersive experience that will take you away from the stresses of everyday and into a better state of mind. Converts say the experience boosts energy and immune response, helps improve focus and combats depression.

Iam Yoga

Be prepared to get your sweat on at this downtown Toronto yoga studio. The name “Iam” comes from the Greek word for “to be present,” and this philosophy is ingrained in every element of the challenging yoga practices offered throughout the day. Instructors draw from traditional and modern concepts of yoga, pilates and mindfulness, offering a selection of classes like Core Flow, Detox Flow, and Yin yoga. Half of the classes take place in a heated room, where you can sweat away toxins and warm up on a cool autumn day. For serious practitioners, regular workshops with themes like “Beats and Bliss” and “The Low-Stress Workshop” will take you to the next level.

Saana Yoga King West

If you’re looking for a moment of zen in downtown Toronto, Saana Yoga’s in-house wellness centre offers customized treatments to promote energetic and conscious living. Calming yoga classes nourish mind, body and spirit in this popular studio in the heart of the Entertainment District, with a convenient schedule that offers varied classes throughout the day and into the evening. And if you’re inspired by the idea of taking your yoga practice on the road, the studio also offers international retreats – like “Yoga, Food and Wine in Tuscany,” where participants can connect to their inner selves in the rolling hills of the Italian countryside. At minimum, you can allow your mind to wander away from the busy streets of the city and to a place of balance and harmony.

Meditation Toronto

If you need a dose of calm from the comfort of your own hotel room, this interactive website offers tools like videos, online meditation courses and other resources to help you find your peace. The site also provides information on free meditation classes in downtown Toronto, held every Sunday evening, as well as meditation events, vegetarian recipes and more. The site invites viewers to relax, review and reflect, becoming aware of the benefits of meditation that go beyond stress relief and improved mindfulness to a joyful state of self-realization.

While late nights and busy days can take their toll, these health and wellness options will remind you to take a deep breath and start your day afresh.

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