If you are a pet owner, you understand that having a four-legged friend or two by your side just makes life better.

So, it’s no wonder that many of us want to bring all of our family members along for life’s big adventures. If you are planning a trip, the key to a paw-perfect getaway is knowing where to stay with pets in tow.

Know the Code

More hotels are welcoming pets than ever before, but not all pet policies are created equal. Be sure you read the fine print before you book your stay.

  • Are additional costs, fees or deposits required?
  • Is there a maximum weight or number-of-pets-per-room rule?
  • Can you leave Fido unattended for a stretch of time?

Nothing puts a twist in your doggy leash quite like getting caught off guard about a surprise rule or policy upon arrival at your destination.

Toronto is for the Dogs

Bringing Lassie along shouldn’t mean you miss out on staying at the best locations. We think we’re the top of the list of pet friendly accommodations that still have that trendy, hip vibe you want and expect from a boutique hotel in downtown Toronto.

The Anndore House is the place to eat, sleep and work, making it easy to kick off your shoes (or roll up your sleeves) and stay a while. That’s why it also makes perfect sense that this home away from home just wouldn’t feel right without your fur babies by your side.

Read up on our pet policy and be sure to scroll through our Instagram for a healthy dose of canine fun. It may incite a cute attack, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

For more great tips and pet-friendly places to stay in downtown Toronto, check out this post that’s packed with handy advice and, of course, more cute and cuddly pics. You’re welcome.

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